Anybody else noticed the Freeview EPG wasn't available on the TVNZ MUX tonight (6pm) from Waiatarua? Wouldn't work on my Sony TV or Panasonic Recorder. Was working OK on the TV3 MUX though.

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I had a phone call from someone living near asking to check our Freeview EPG and found we both have been having the same problem.

EPG issue yesterday on Panasonic TV and dish t 1050 would ignore EPG button on tvnz MUX,please wait,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,on Media works and OK on choice & HGTV muxes,Maori not tried
Often wondered why this dish t1050 would record 4 police 10/7
Then looked on the booking page to find programme marked as split so no wondet
Why is it marked as split in the forst place??

Hi Guys
This was a confirmed fault with the transmission provider and has now been fixed. 
let me know if you are still having some trouble with the EPG loading on the channels.


Set pvr to record police 10/7 noticed on the booked programmes list marked as split again so there will be 4 prog tomorrow

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