We recently purchased a Sony KDL-40W650D

This is advertised as having free view plus


We have set the TV up and connected to the internet via the Wifi connection,  Have done an software update which was to be expected,
Also connected via UHF aerial and have FreeView HD

The TV has a built in tv guide and other little feathers as well as a NetFlicks button on the remote,

What we can not find is any reference to FreeView plus,

My understanding is that when you change channels you should be able to press the red and green buttons and something should happen,

Has the Wharehouse made a monumental cock up and listed this TV as having freeview plus when it does not??

Its not shown in the list of compatible TVs here,


Is there anything else i can try am i just doing something completely stupid etc?

All we wanted was to be able to use "TV On Demand" with out having to plug in the laptop.

Any help most appreciated as i can't ring Sony until tomorrow,
One thing i thought of is maybe The Wharehouse has jumped the gun with its advertising and Sony haven't released the correct Software Update to activate this function?


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Good Afternoon Brett

Have you got the latest software update installed - dated 18th May 2016, it might not have been installed instantly.

Please head here: http://www.sony-asia.com/support/download/612913/product/kdl-40w650d and install the update on your TV, this is a download page and you can follow the instructions on how to do that. 

I will continue investigating, please let me know once you have the updated installed to see if the FreeviewPlus banner appears, otherwise the last step before contacting SONY is to check the options for a HbbTV option - this should be switched on. 

Please do let me know as I will chase up The Warehouse if the product has been mislead, but fingers crossed it's just a softwar eupdate or a HbbTV option in the Menus. 

Josh Hill

Hi there i can find no reference to HbbTV in the options or system settings menu,
TV did an update last night,  How can i tell if its 100% up to date?

Hi Brett

In the about section of the menu, see if there are firmware details, it should be PKG1.206TDPAD or May 18th 2016 in the menu. 


Software version 1.206 was already installed so i can confirm that the TV is 100% up to date,
Is there any way i can find the HbbTV setting in there somewhere?

Hi Brett, it should have FreeviewPlus, I'll check if it's been enabled on that model just to be sure (because it's a 2016 release).

Please stand by thanks!

Hi Brett, according to Freeview Technology Manager, it's definitely enabled and should be working without you having to change any settings.  He recommends that you get in touch with SONY Support: http://www.sony.co.nz/support/product/kdl-40w650d

Let us know how you go !

Bel said:

Hi Brett, it should have FreeviewPlus, I'll check if it's been enabled on that model just to be sure (because it's a 2016 release).

Please stand by thanks!

Interesting. I also see no reference to Freeview Plus in the manual or HbbTv in the Specs but it is listed in the Freeview Plus list of 2016 models as copmpatible.

Did you do this? Nothing I see in the Manual says to do it!

To get FreeviewPlus, connect your UHF aerial and home broadband to the TV, then press the red button on your remote to start exploring.


Hi i have been in contact with Sony today and they say that it is a freeview plus model,

They gave me step by step instructions to make sure that interactive applications are turned on,

I went through these settings and they were already set to on,  So no better off,

I Press the Red, Green, Yellow, Blue buttons on the remote and nothing happens the light on the TV flickers to show that its reviving signal from the remote,  But nothing happens,

I'll have to call Sony again tomorrow and see if there is anything else they can suggest,

Other wise i guess we will have to return it and get a different model that works,  Im reasonably tech savvy have no problems playing round inside a desktop changing hardware etc so im pretty sure im not doing anything wrong,

But im certainly open to suggestions,

Talked to Sony again and there only suggestion was a factory reset, Which i did and set the TV up again,  No change,
So im lost i guess we will take it back as something is just not adding up.

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