I have a DishTV  Satbox  S7070r .

The receiver decided to ignore the remote control so I couldn't change channels .

Powered down unit , waited 10 minutes powered backup. Still ignores remote.

I changed batteries for new fresh set. Still ignores remote.

Bought a brand new remote and installed fresh batteries. Still ignores new remote .

Downloaded and installed latest firmware via USB install. Still ignores new remote

Cant do factory reset because you need the remote to put the pin number in.

what can I do now ?



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Sounds like the IR receiver in the S7070r  has died.

Test the remotes using camera .

just tried the camera test with another remote but the camera test doesn,t show flickering as it does on you tube . so I don't think that test works with my phone camera

its unlikely that both remotes would  be faulty , you can also use webcam etc to test remote.

Your not going to believe this ......

your tip for the web cam worked . Found every other remote control in the house that was working .

Put new DishTV remote up against camera  with new batteries installed, still  not working .

Put old remote up and  confirm it still not working as well.

then.... take out "new " batteries from new remote, replace with "old batteries " from another remote that is working and presto new remote now works !  and and now put  new batteries in another remote work as well ????

what ?

Hey Leslie

Get in touch with DISH TV ASAP today and explain that the remote no longer works and request a new replacement. They will be able to sort it out for you. 

If you are having issues please let me know


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