I have a dish tv box model s7010pvr I live in NZ central otago and my son factory reset box and now if won't pick up any channels keeps saying no reception can anyone help or do I need to buy a new freeview box

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Forgot to mention I'm hooked up to a sky dish it was working fine before it was reset

If it was working before the reset then most likely the LNB frequency in the setup menu is incorrect. It probably doesn't match your LNB. If 10750 doesn't work try 11300. Before doing a factory reset it's always a good idea to check the setup menu and note down all the parameters so you can check they are the same after the reset.

As Biggles said ,but Dish Tv boxes try both LNB frequencies at set up.

What is more likely is that your LNB has drifted and is more like 10745 than 10750
Thank you very much have just changed settings and it is working again once again thanks

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