Just sitting here looking at a blank screen with the words

Service is not running or Scrambled!

Really. This was the big new improved version from Analogue to Digital as digital was prompted as showing more channels....  More like ADs galore.

Apparently standard size satellite dish is useless because you need some humongous size dish to be able to view tv when its raining.

Prefer analogue network... sigh

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Hi Taylor

Rainfade can be a pain but there can be many ways to fix the issue, 

  1. The dish is too small, SKY standard dishes are around 65cm in diameter, which can provide you adequate reception but it has to be aligned perfectly, sometimes these dishes are not aligned properly and any rain can block the signal just like that because it is not getting enough signal strength.

    I recommend 75cm dishes and above as they are very reliable (Mine for example was installed in 2009 with the same LNB and severe weather has not impacted in any channels in any way) 

  2. Your LNB could be ageing, this is the machine at the front of your dish which points in the SKY, sometimes the UV rays from the Sun can damage the device and cause problems in the future. Trade me LNB's tend to last a lot less because they are cheap and usually not tested in NZ. 

  3. Trees and objects that could be interrupting signal paths from the dish to the satellite in Space.

  4. If you have an unapproved Freeview device then you may see channels with the "Scrambled or Not in Service" message because the channels are PAY TV or have been removed. Recently Four Plus 1, Prime and The Edge TV has gone off air and relocated to a new frequency.


Thanks for that :o)

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