Since before the change over to digital tv I have been using an old CRT tv with bunny ears with TiVo. It has been great - no need to throw out the old tv and the reception has been fine. I have more reception problems with the larger fancier HD tv.

But TiVo is pulling out of NZ and I'm forced to find something else. But it seems there are no other options for a way to get tv in this way. The recorders seem to only work with an HD tv.

Has anyone else got an idea? Seems so wasteful to throw out a perfectly functioning tv because of so called advanced technology!

Thank you.

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the below will still work with an old CRT .

aerialBox T2200 Recorder

This discussion maybe of interest to you

I think you'll find your TIVO will still work OK as a TV Tuner/STB after the shutdown but you will no longer have any EPG or programmed recording functions available. Not sure if Timer Record may still work. Basically it will be just a bare bones Digital Tuner with possibly a basic recording function. i.e. Basically the same as a really old VCR but digital instead of analogue.

P.S. Found this on their web site which confirms what it will still do after shutdown.

As long as you do not run a Guided Set Up or Clear & Delete on your device, after 31 October 2017 you will still be able to use your TiVo Device to:

  • convert and receive digital channels on an old analogue TV;
  • watch recordings made on the device prior to 31 October 2017 (“existing recordings”);
  • pause, rewind and instant replay live TV and existing recordings;
  • fast-forward existing recordings;
  • use TiVo KidZone and Parental Controls so far as they relate to existing recordings;
  • record the channel you are watching in a 30 minute block (from the moment you press record);
  • record items manually if you know the start and approximate end time for each program (although this will be a lot more difficult to do without the Electronic Programming Guide); and
  • transfer (subject to being Home Networking Package customer) existing recordings between TiVo devices on the same account; existing recordings from their TiVo device to a PC/ Mac; and home movies and photos already on the TiVo device from the TiVo device to a PC/ Mac.

Thank you - that is very interesting. I'm not in any rush, so will wait and see what happens. Much appreciated.

Thank you - I will check this out further :-)

Paul said:

the below will still work with an old CRT .

aerialBox T2200 Recorder

This discussion maybe of interest to you

as long as any new recorde r has an av or red,yellow,white out it will work
and can also buy hdmi-to av converters

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EPG Issue-Timaru 23 NOV: Some Timaru customers are reporting missing EPG information and in turn can not record. This issue is being looked into (1.48pm).


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