My Panasonic TV and DVD/HDD (both new 2 weeks ago) did software updates this week, and now all the K1 MUX (Channel 36) programmes are marked as "Invalid channel". Signal strength shows these channels as Low Quality. This includes Prime, Maori, Choice, and several others; I need to fix this before next week's Downton Abbey! 

Could it just be low quality coax cables from wall outlet to DVD/HDD then DVD to TV, or should I call in an antenna/cabling firm? The signal was fine 10 days ago.

Advice eagerly awaited...

Cheers, Gregor

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It's virtually impossible that software updates can affect signal strength so something else must have happened coincidentally. Try an auto retune and if that doesn't work try a manual retune. Check the signal strengths for each mux and compare bnoth on the TV and recorder. Also disconnect the antenna lead from the  recorder and direct to TV and vice versa for comparison.

Thanks, I suspect it's antenna or cables; if the update did anything it just forced a re-tune which exposed the strength issue. I've retuned several times, so I guess it's a matter of cable swapping as you suggest.

Thanks for the tip about going direct, that proved the TV was OK, so it was just a process of testing and elimination from there. Amazing how many cables look fine but aren't up to spec.

That's good. Some of those proprietry cables can be really bad. I've had some over the years that didn't even work with analogue TV. You'll get to see Downton after all!

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