Hi all
Ive bought my Samsung UA55KS8000W from Australia to New Zealand, and cant for the life of me get any broadcast signal at all.

I have gone through the broadcast setting on the tv, set the country to new zealand, tried manual tune and set it to 8mhz.. nothing will retrieve the channels.

I'm fairly certain there isnt a lot more I can try.. next step is to contact samsung, but wondering if anyone here has any ideas?


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side note: house has a UHF aerial, located in Dunedin, pointing at Mount Cargill. We have a very old tv here, which is plugged into a seperate freeview tuner box. This box is capable of receiving the freeview signal, and going into its settings, it is set at:

Channel 21

I duplicate this setting on my tv tuner, no channels are detected.

CH21 is not a Freeview frequency. DN channels are 28, 32, 34, 36,and 38. See here


Ch 21 sounds like a normal analogue modulator frequency and your old  analogue TV is tuned to it. Presumably your STB is connected via this modulator? If your Samsung TV is able to be set to NZ and 8mhz then there is no reason it can't receive signals unless there is no proper UHF antenna connection. Try connecting your antenna cable direct to the TV and manually tune the above channels (28 - 38).

Hi Biggles, thanks for the info. I have tried with the aerial connection direct to the tv, and tried manual digital tuning. The bandwidth is set to 8MHz, and tried those channels listed. No channels are discovered.
The "signal quality" is at 0 for each channel selected.

It seems strange the ancient little set top freeview tuner can pick up signal, yet the tv cant. It is definitely a UHF aerial supplying the signal, as there is no satellite dish on the house.

Doing me a hecken concern, such bamboozled
Ps called samsung. they remoted into tv, did a factory reset and bought up a new option I didnt have access to myself... a country selection option, which had every country. obviously i set it to new zealand..
Did nothing, still cant get signal

Would something like a band pass filter help at all? 
Usually it takes away the interference from other signals in the network and supplies the digital television channels to your TV without an issue. 

OK. Quality may be 0 but what about signal strength?

Also probably a stupid question but have you plugged the UHF antenna into the Ant socket and not the Sat Dish Socket. According to the manual yours is a dual tuner (Sat & UHF).

Michael said:

The "signal quality" is at 0 for each channel selected.

The signal strength is not indicated on my tv.. the UHF antenna is definitely plugged directly into the tvs antenna in socket..

It all seems a bit strange. Im wondering if Samsung Australia flashed the tv so as to disable it from picking up non-australian signals.. or something..

Plan at this point is maybe get a semi decent tv tuner/harddrive recorder later down the line

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