Have a fairly new Dish TV S7070rHd-XM Satellite S2 Receiver STB with an older style satellite dish with big LNB.

Was working okish some drift experienced on the higher channels like Prime etc.

Over night no signal on any channels and received message on screen after boot saying
Antenna Power Overload Detected

Bought a new 60cm Dish TV satellite dish which I have replaced but still getting the Antenna Power Overload Detected after boot up.

Any help gratefully appreciated.

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Won't be the dish itself but lnb or cabling

Does the message disappear if you unplug the coax from the Dish? If so it will rule out the STB and indicates a problem with the cable or LNB.

Yes it does dispappear.


The message you have stated normally would indicate a short in the satellite cabling, or LNB. To test if the box is causing the issue you would just need to disconnect the satellite cable and see if the message still comes up.

For further queries please contact our technical team while in front of the unit via landline: 0800 347 488 or on a cellphone: 07 929 4123 or simply email: support@dishtv.co.nz


willis said:

Won't be the dish itself but lnb or cabling

Many thanks!

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