Am trying to get Prime on my Ultraplus 990HD Magic PVR Freeview Receiver

This is what I did, using the Ultraplus remote:
-  Menu
-  Installation
-  (Password) 0000

-  Satellite List

-  Optus D1
-  Blue Key (for scan)
-  Auto scan (It just said autoscan,  It didn't say FTA or All Services.
-  Yes ( for save search results)
Then a window came up with the message - Scramble Channel.
I then pressed the numbers of each of the channels and found Prime still unobtainable.

What else can be done please?

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Try this (I don't own this receiver just tried to figure it out from the manual)

1. Menu

2. Installation

3. Transponder List

4. Press the SAT button on remote to select Optus D1

5. Press the Red key (Add) Adds a new transponder

6. Frequency enter 12519

7. Symbol rate enter 22500

8. Polarization  = H

9. Press the Blue button to Scan

Let me know if this works or any steps are missing.

There is a new channel plan and instructions here , just need a USB stick and a PC , will also be updated with TV3 and Bravo channel updates (just over a week away) - cheers Robert

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