Metservice have advised that a strong weather pattern is expected to arrive later this week (Thursday 21st June onwards) which may mean heavy rain for most of the North Island and Snow for the south. Although not classified as a storm, It's always a good idea to make sure things around the house especially your Freeview TV antenna (Satellite Dish or UHF aerial) is checked for any loose fittings, needs weather proofing or needs cable connector replacements, so that you can enjoy Freeview TV while snug and cosy indoors. You can make these checks in the next few days while the weather is still allgood. 

  1. WIND: Strong Wind can adversely affect transmission signals. Common Reception problems is due to the fact that the antenna on your house is not receiving the best possible signal because of the line of sight or environmental factors. For the best digital TV reception, your antenna should have a clear line of sight to the TV broadcast tower. But many homes do not have that direct line. Any large structures can interfere with the signal. Trees are a common obstacle. On calm days, trees are not much of a problem but on windy days, strong winds cause the trees to sway.

    An outdoor antenna, especially if it is on a tall mast, can be moved by the wind which also causes a problem for reception. If you have an indoor antenna, on windy days you can try moving the antenna to a different location, such as an attic. You might make observations to see if there is a correlation between wind direction, wind strength and signal loss.

    If you are using a Satellite Dish then try and see if there is a clear line of sight between the pointy thing on the dish and the direction it's pointing to in the sky (You can't see the satellite in space but that doesn't really matter)

  2. RAIN: On Freeview Satellite, Heavy Rain causes something known as "Rain Fade" Rain Fade is when the signal path from your dish is blocked by rain that is causing a temporary obstacle to the satellite in space providing Freeview channels, usually you can still watch TV with light rain but when it starts to get heavy you may have this issue, usually this is a natural problem but you can make a few tweaks to increase the reliability of your signal connection even in the heaviest of rain. 
    - Tighten Connections on the dish, if the dish is wobbly then make sure it's receiving the strongest signal possible and tightening the bolts so that it's locked in place. 
    - Clean off any Moss or algae build up while you are at it too.

  3. SNOW: Heavy Snow can knock out equipment as well as cause rain fade While most UHF and Satellite equipment sold in New Zealand is designed to withstand NZ Conditions, sometimes Snow can disrupt the signals and the equipment structure of your antenna, follow the advise above for Rain and make sure no snow is trapped on the antenna systems or dish, if the snow dies down and conditions are safe clean the antenna and lossen any snow catchments. Make sure the antenna is tightened afterwards. 

Please Also make sure cables and connections are weather proofed and secure, if you have a satellite dish then make sure you have a Weather Boot installed between the cable and the LNB machine ( See image below - black boot) contact your local supplier if you don't have a boot. 

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