Did anyone else lose the TVNZ channels on their ZMX7500 (or DSE7500) while the Games Channels were on?

If so I may have a solution without having to do a Factory Default (which will remove Bravo+1, Prime, The Edge and Prime+1). 

On my STB, Prime suddenly appeared on P001 instead of TV1 and many or the other channels were on the wrong LCN.  (All the channels on the 12483 transponder were no longer available to view but the internal TP list and PID lists were still ok)

This is how I restored it:

  1. Go to Channel 600 (which comes up labelled as 'CH-12').   TV1 should appear on this channel (600).  Wait a few seconds to let the banner disappear
  2. Now go back to P001 and hopefully the rest of your TVNZ channels and others will be back in the right places  

After the above steps,  on my workshop ZMX7500, ThreeLife is on 11, The Edge is now on 16, Prime+1 on 18.  I suspect this may change when the Games Ch 14 goes.   (The Edge and Prime+1 can be swapped by editing the PID table and renaming but that is beyond the scope of this message) 

I would be interested to hear if anyone else experienced a similar issue with their ZMX7500 or DSE7500 and if the above resolved it

Graham Wilson

Zinwell Support


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Comment by Graham Wilson on May 1, 2018 at 13:47

For anyone who wants Prime+1 and Edge on the correct LCN,  I have successfully manually swapped the PIDs (and renamed the Channels) for Edge and PrimePlus1.

I now have PrimePlus1 on 16 and Edge on 18 but I anticipate that once the Games channel on 14 is gone, PrimePlus1 should move back to 14 and Edge to 16

Comment by David Lipscombe on April 19, 2018 at 11:59

Graham with my DSE7500 boxes before the games channel started I prime+1 on ch14 after it started it then moved it to ch16 , so what has happened now with the  new channel coming on ch11 and th edge tv moving Prime +1 is now on Ch19 , the Edge Tv is ch16 and the Games Channel is still on ch14 .

To get these I just waited for them to reset naturally without going through the whole factory reset problems and all the other channels stayed where they were with no problems and after doing the last factory reset I didn't delete any of the the spare channels and this may have helped getting all the new ones


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