Quality of The Chase, The Cube , Tipping Point and maybe others on TV1,2, Duke Terrestrial Version

Hi Guys, I have noticed many times over the past 2 years on the TVNZ channels , that often The Chase, The Cube , Tipping Point , probably twice a week the quality of these programs is very poor ie looks like a bad downscale from Full HD to something below SD , I did speak to some at TVNZ about a year ago and they thought it could how they receive the program from the UK, today both the early Chase and The Cube were both poor quality, I am working on the fact that it is a processing issue at TVNZ but unclear why they haven't fixed it , it is obvious on the Terrestrial HD service not obvious on the Satellite SD service, some days it is fine in full HD quality / HD quality

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Comment by Robert Hepple on January 24, 2022 at 11:44

Hi Josh, if you get a chance take a look , usually TV1, and only sometimes on those programs, I would think if they received them or downloaded them you would think the person doing the work would realize that the quality was poor , I have also noticed that the odd other content is the same but fairly rare , I do believe this is at TVNZ end , I have tried several times to talk to TVNZ about it but the people I talk to may not be that technical, should have said I am a TV/Radio Technician 

Comment by forumuser on January 24, 2022 at 11:12

Hi Robert

A good point you make, most content from overseas are in a wide range of other formats not suitable for NZ broadcasting, hence why broadcasters have in house production teams converting the content that comes in and making it suitable for the broadcast. I have visited the production teams in TVNZ and it is very fascinating the amount of content they get from around the globe. 

I may try suggest getting in touch with someone at TVNZ to look into this and suggest them relooking. 



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