We've just been alerted to an odd case of ""EPG-take-over", where the Electronic Programme Guide (EPG) for TVHB (Television Hawke's Bay) is showing up each time you use your left/right arrow keys to toggle between channels within the EPG.

Some diagnostics may be required before this can be corrected properly - as it stands, the problem appear to be isolated to the AUCKLAND region (thought we have had one report from WAIKATO) and only affecting some devices.

In order to correct this, Freeview requires device information from the viewing public that this is affecting so the manufactures who made these devices can be contacted for a solution.

Please post replies below if you are in Auckland and you have experienced this.  Many thanks in advance for any help you can provide!

More updates will follow when a solution is in sight.

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we have been experiencing the same issue in Hamilton on our magictv500gb box. it was around about the same time that the south island went digital. you can only view the guide for the channel your tv is on at that time then it gets stuck on TVHB when you try to change it.

Hi Pollee,

Thank you for sharing this info!

Great news - this problem is now confirmed fixed - thanks again!



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