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Your forums not working any better than the freeview guide on the tv is !!!

It won’t let me post anything it just hangs 

Good lord, I came on here to bring up an issue with something only to type it all up, go to post it and get a fault on the flipping message board saying your having an issue with the page, so I did this as a test thread and it worked.

I have a screenshot of the error page of this website from just above & also a photo of my tv showing the error for the freeview guide, not that they say much. I’m not posting them with this as I don’t want to type it all out again if that could of been why the thread didn’t post.

So what I actually came on here to say was .....

I just went to set up my recording for tonight with the online freeview guide and it’s gone ! It hangs and then it says 

no TV guide data cannot display TV guide 

I’ve turned everything off at the wall and back on again, I’ve checked in settings to make sure WiFi is ok, it is, and I actually have 2 recorders, I tried to open it on the other one, which is quite old, it doesn’t give me a msg, but it doesn’t load the guide. 

it’s rather difficult to use the guide if it’s just not there ! Such a shame I couldn’t even make it through a single day of the new year and something has to crop up. 

Same here in Paraparaumu.
wanted to set up recording an hour ago, keeps searching for a long time then new sign says “no TV guide” “can not display tv guide”

Just had another try and it’s working now. Could put in what I wanted to record and started taping

Hi Monika, and I’m glad yours is working ok now. Unfortunately mine is still hanging on as if it wants to load the TV guide and then gives me the same error. 

I record full shows and binge watch so this will mean I either watch an episode totally out of order as I can’t record it, or miss it entirely. 

I’ll try to load the screenshot and photo again now, for all they’re really worth.


Now it’s ALL gone

i just turned on the tv and went to load the freeview app so I could watch something and now THAT is not loading full stop, nor is the TVNZ app, will not load at all, nor will Sky sport, Neon, Lightbox, Spotify and if I try to load the Apps app it turns my tv OFF ! 

I just used the freeview app this morning to watch master chef and it was working fine then, 6 or so hours later everything is dead 

I  don’t think I need to say how infuriated I am now. 

It’s not my WiFi, I loaded YouTube via the app button at the bottom of the screen that sits right alongside all the app buttons that won’t work! 

I don’t know why I thought this year would turn out any better than last as it’s fizzled out to an unpleasant taste in the first day 

Well now the EPG is back, out of the blue, I didn’t change a thing, but the freeview app etc are still not working. 

so much for wonderful digital tv ... 

Still no freeview :|

Still no freeview and I’m hoping that the people who run this website are coming back to look at posts .... 

Well I emailed TVNZ when it occurred to me I was only hounding freeview and there was a whole other service I could go annoy ;)

I got a reply from them asking me to reset everything (again) and wouldn’t you know it the flipping thing worked !

so if anyone comes on here with a similar issue, reset your smart hub, yes it means resetting EVERYTHING, and/or you can unplug and replug the tv (I just did the lot as it’s all connected together) delete and reinstall the apps and lastly check everything is fully updated. 

if all of that doesn’t work, step away from it all, have a few stiff drinks & a little lie down then try it all again, still don’t work ? Repeat the above then contact freeview or TVNZ and plead for help! 

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