About two thirds of my old recordings have suddenly disappeared. I had over a hundred and now have 36? When I have a look at the disk information it says I have 36 video titles and 32 photo titles. It says I have used 72% of the disk. It says the total space is 200 hours by my calculations even if all the recordings were 2 hours that is 70 hours of recording which is less than 50% of the disk. There does not seem to be any pattern to what is missing some from all the years and no alphabetical order. I know that before they disappeared my disk used was about 75% - it just does not make sense they have spossedly gone yet the disk is just as full? Any help would be appreciated

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Hi Noleen,

I have contacted Dish TV  and they will get back to you on here on a status report.



Good Afternoon Noleen

It sounds like the HDD has corruption and need to update to the latest software. Can you let me know what the latest version is that is installed in the unit?

Dish TV Online Support






Hi Noleen,

Please download this software to a USB stick: http://firmwaretest.dishtv.co.nz/A3U_11_016F_05.usb 

Then turn off the unit, plug in the USB then turn the unit on while holding down the MENU button on the front of the unit, then release when USB is shown on the LED Display.

See if that helps, if not please let us know

I have installed this successfully and nothing has changed. It shows the same software version


Hi Noleen

Thanks for the update, the Hard Drive may need to be repaired, is it possible to send your unit to us in Hamilton? otherwise please private message us

Dish TV Online Support

I have added you as a friend.

I have  rechecked the disk before replying to you - I did not notice it yesterday when I checked today to see if the lost recording had magically come back - I see I now have plenty of space free but only 36 of my recordings. I an really disappointed if that means I have lost them all!

Please give the crew a call or email (Details found at dishtv.co.nz/contact-us

And see what options the crew can do to assist you with looking into the issue further, the case might be for you to return the unit back to us for looking into.

Dish TV Online Support

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