Satellite; Can't get 1, 2, Maori, 1+1, or 2+1; Prime reception poor; Do I need to re-align my dish?


We have a Sky satellite dish on our house that is at least 10 years old (previous owners of the house had Sky).

A year or 2 ago, I bought a TV tuner card for my desktop computer.  It's a Hauppauge WinTV HVR-3300 and has a DVB-S connector.  I connected it to the Sky satellite dish, installed the included WinTV v7 software, and using that software scanned and set up the Freeview channels.  All good.

A couple of days ago, I decided to sort out all the channels we had, and I've discovered 2 issues:

1) We don't get TV1 anymore (we used too), we also don't get: Maori, TV1+1, and TV2+1.  I do get TV2, but on freq: 12671MHz (H) - which I believe is not the official Freq.

2) Prime image and voice stutters, and is unwatchable.

So, from reading around, my best guess is that perhaps my satellite dish needs to be re-aligned.  But I'd just like to confirm that satellite position has changed since 10 years ago, before I go readjusting it.  I'd hate to muck with it and then find I've lost other channels that are currently working.

I've attached a compass image taken directly in front of the dish showing current azimuth (using iPad compass).

Any advice much appreciated.

Cheers, Glen

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If you are worried about mucking up your satellite dishes current position mark its present position before with a vivid permanent marker before making any adjustments.

Its more likely that your LNB has started to drift.

I would try changing your LNB frequency to 10745 from 10750.

LNB drift explained here

Thanks Paul,

I climbed on to my roof and determined that I have a 'Sharp' Sky Single LNB - 11300 L.O. satellite dish.

So in the DVB-S Setup screen (attached) I tried adjusting the 'LOF' 5 ticks at a time above and below 11300.  Doing this has allowed me to find my missing channels, although I get stutter with them.  I'll keep adjusting till I get the best reception.  I've nearly got Prime perfect.

Thanks for the advice.

Cheers, Glen


Also have a look at this link:

Although the above is written for the ZMX-7500, most of the instructions are applicable to any Freeview satellite installation

Best you purchase a brand new LNBF before your existing one fails completely




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