Could someone please tell me why Freeview doesn't record at the time set? My freeview always records some programs on plus 1. For example -  I have set freeview to record 1 program only at 5.30pm but every night it will always record from the plus 1 channel.

Please enlighten as it is very annoying to sit down to watch something only to find it hasn't even started to record yet.

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any channels in particular? like choice often seems to be ahead of schedule

Channel 2 and 3.

hi Sharon, it'll may be because you're trying to watch / record something when the booked recordings are due to be on-air on the non-plus1 channels.  If the recorder can't record a show on the "normal" channels at the original booked time for recording (because its tuners are already tied up), it'll automatically set to record them on the plus1 channels (because the shows on the plus1 channels would have the same programme-ID as their original counterparts, and the ID is what's used by the recorder to track the programme to record).



  • OnDemand Issues for SAMSUNG SMART TV
    We are aware of issues with these TVs, It is under investigation.  Please check NETWORK STATUS for the latest updates. 

    If you post regarding this, please include your Model Number which can be found in the Menu or the back of your TV. 

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