I have a Panasonic Viera TV with built in Freeview but record with a usb stick via a Hill's Freeview box. It worked fine for a year but now often stops recording before the programme finishes. It varies -it may record for 4 minutes or 34 minutes. Occasionally I get the whole programme.

I bought a new usb stick and it worked fine the first time. Then several times when I tried to record it told me it was full even though it wasn't. When I tried to check the playlist I couldn't access it and got a message saying 'usb host disconnected'. Same thing with the old stick.  It hasn' t done this for a few days now but I'm still not getting the whole programme most of the time.

Wondering if perhaps my Freeview box is wearing out. Any advice would be gratefully received as it' so frustrating!!

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Could be something with the USB Stick or the Box age, especially if you had it for some time now. 
Could you borrow another stick and see if it works


Try a factory reset on the Hills box / retune , and take note of what time the box has and also the the EPG times are correct

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