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If anyone can help me this may or may not have been covered somewhere.  We have just recently dropped sky which we have had for many many years now, and never considered getting freeview.  I did the search on the freeview site and it said that we could only get dish but not Freeview UHF, although we have a UHF ariel and neighbours can recieve HD?    We have bought a Dish freeview reciever and have hooked it up with average quality,  but my question is it possible to get HD, or even run both.  Also our tv is a flatscreen plasma but i'm not sure if its freeview capable,  any help would greatly be appreciated.

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Your TV manual will surely tell you if it has a digital tuner or not.

Did you use this site to find out if you can get UHF?


If your neighbours receive Freeview UHF then you most likely can.


Seeing as you live in Hamilton, it is likely that you can get Freeview HD but that depends if you are in the right area and not a dead spot. Have a look at this map provided from Kordia http://www.freeviewnz.tv/userfiles/pdfs/hamilton.pdf see if your area lands within the green area or some of the blue and yellow areas then you can get Freeview HD and get the DishTV S7080 satellite box replaced with a Dish TV aerialBox or other Freeview HD product.

Let me know if you need some more help on this :-)


Thanks,  yes have used the site and it keeps coming up with Satellite only, cross mark next to the HD (although do you think the site is accurate),  the tv (plasma) we bought in 2007 but manuals etc have long being thrown out,  doesn't seem to have any plugs or indication that it can hook up to freeview

Hi thanks for the info, the pdf is a bit pixalated but i think we're right on the edge of the green heading into blue or purple zone,   we have a Dish TV S7080 box, could this also receive Freeview HD,  the problem is that when we had sky the signal is coming from dish,  what would i need to do to hook it up to the ariel, i'm in a multi storey house so am not 100% sure on the wiring.

What brand and model is the TV? You should be able to find a manual online. All that's needed to hook up for Freeview is an antenna socket (provided it has an inbuilt digital tuner) or HDMI, Component or Composite A/V inputs for an external STB.

It is a Panasonic Plasma  TH-42PV7AZ 42"

Hi Sportyguy,

You asked several questions here.

1. If the Freeview site said you won't get UHF, then you can just about guarantee you won't get UHF! I've found that, in Hamilton and the Waikato, those maps tend to be more optimistic than pessimistic. For instance, the map Joshua suggested is really more an indication for the outer Waikato and shows the whole of Hamilton City in green. While the reality is that about 15% of Hamilton City doesn't receive the UHF signal in an acceptable quality and strength! - From either transmitter!

I've been doing UHF and satellite installations in Hamilton and the Waikato since 1991. With over 16 years for Sky then nearly 8 years doing Freeview, I can just about tell you house by house whether you'll get a good UHF signal or not.

2. Was the UHF aerial on your roof installed within the last couple of years? Or has it possibly been up there for over 20 years since Sky put it up hoping to get  reception?

Does your neighbour definately receive the Freeview UHF HD? or is he possibly talking about Sky HD? But, once again from experience, in Hamilton it is quite possible for one house to get UHF reception and the place right next door doesn't.

The only way to find out for sure, is to get a local installer to come and do a signal test for UHF on your roof.

3. Some people do have Freeview Satellite and Freeview UHF in the same house, - For instance, Freeview Satellite in the lounge where Sky used to be, and Freeview UHF in the bedroom on the new digital TV. But they are two totally separate installations, using completely different equipment.

4. If your TV is less than about four years old, then it probably does have Freeview UHF built in, but as Biggles said, your TV manual should indicate that. Check in the "tuning" section and see if it mentions "Digital" and "Analogue" channels.

I hope this information has helped you.


Bill from Rainbow Connections.

Found your manual here.


And it's not got a digital tuner. You will need a STB for Freeview.

 If tour neighbours can get freeview HD find out if they have a set box and if they do see if you borrow it say for an hour and then hook it up to your Tv and then you can see if yours can recieve if then you are good to go

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