We have Sky in the lounge and I have just installed a new TV in the bedroom for viewing Freeview.  Both the Freeview TV and Sky work fine powered on individually. 

In the roof I found two white cables coming from the dual LNB.  I split one of the cables and ran it to the new TV in the bedroom.  

  • Sky satellite dish (dual LNB 10750MHz)
  • New 2 way splitter installed
  • MySky HDi (using only port 1 which also provides power to the dish)
  • 2016 Samsung TV with Freeview satellite receiver
  • No UHF reception available

The problem is when I turn on my Freeview TV i lose reception on the Sky TV or if I turn on Sky TV I lose reception on the Freeview TV.

Any help would be much appreciated thank you.


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What sort of splitter did you use ???? Is it diode steered???is it power pass both ports. 

Why haven't you run separate cables. You have 2 cables coming in from the dish. use one for freeview and one for sky.

Thanks for the quick reply.

The receipt says: DGI TRIAX SPLITTER 2 WAY F TYPE 

Should I have used the TRIAX SCS 2B - 2 way splitter supporting power on one output only?  Does it cause problems If both devices provide power to the dish?  

Yes I could try using one cable per device.  I have a computer/networking background and was not familiar with dual LNB's.  After a bit of research that would seem logical though.  I wont be back at the house till the weekend to test possible solutions.

Hi Dan, 

Callan here from Triax NZ.  There is defiantly something weird going on with the Voltages from one or both of the Satellite Tuners.   Switching to a single power pass splitter may help, though you will need to leave one of the devices powered on all of the time.  

The best way to solve this issue would be to change the Dual LNB (which are known for having issues as they age) to a standard single LNB.

Hi Callan,

Thanks for your advice.  

I will try these options this weekend in the following order and let you know the results.  

  1. Change out splitter for a single power pass splitter (power from Sky only)
  2. Route one cable running from the LNB per device
  3. Change to a single LNB and test with both splitters

MySky device is left powered on permanently. 

The dual LNB is no older than 6 years if it was installed new when the house was built.  

The dish in on the roof of the second floor with access from a small balcony, changing the LNB will be my last option.


Best way forward in my opinion is to run one cable per device. The newer Sky lnbfs have 4 outlets and they each work as individuals. Thereby freeing up the vertical transponders on the Freeview box. Then If you have a DVBS2 STB you can access Channel 9 Australia.

Sounds like good advice.  I will try one cable per device first off.  Thanks again.

Unfortunately my supplier did not have a single power pass splitter in stock.  However I managed to find a used one in my kit and it worked!   Would have been interesting to use a third device and figure out which one was causing the issue.  Anyway we leave the sky box powered on so its not an issue anymore.

My fishing buddy's wife is extremely happy she does not have to watch sport now.  Thank you both very much for your help!!!




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