Anyone noticed that the Prime TV EPG stops at Monday 29 October. There are no programmes showing in the guide from Tuesday 30.

The freeview website is also not showing any programmes on Prime from Tuesday 30 onwards.

I have emailed freeview but no reply has been forthcoming. Maybe someone monitoring this forum can fix it.

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prime EPG showing a week ahead on aerialbox recorder

Yes it is back. (Both on the Freeview website and on my TV) I received an email from Freeview late yesterday confirming that it was a problem at Prime TV and they would be giving them a nudge to fix it. Prime TV obviously fixed it.

Prime do not seem to have a process to check for these sorts of problems. I noticed the problem last Tuesday, when something I had a series booking to record caused my PVR to tell me that the series had ended.  That's when I checked and found out that there were absolutely no programmes on the Prime EPG from Wednesday on-wards.


It has happened again! The Prime Freeview EPG stops at the end of Monday 12 November.

Way to go Prime (AKA SKY TV). I don't know if there is a better way to advertise your incompetence.

I do wish the Freeview folk could spot this when it happens and give Prime a friendly nudge to fix it.

Well it came back sometime over the weekend and it seems to have the next 8 days of programmes loaded so lets hope it doesn't happen again.

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ALL PLATFORMS WORKING WELL, except a glitch with UHF transmission in Hawkes Bay affecting some JVC and VEON TVs.  See Network Status for more info and updates.

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