Grrr getting sick of the performance issues here.

Keep losing Prime, choice etc. Have spoken to two different freeview installers and a couple of neighbours...neighbours are having the same issue and the installers have both come up blank as to why we keep losing channels.

We are supposedly in a great signal area and are using a UHF aerial, although one neighbour is also having trouble via a sat dish.

Bottom line is we believe this is a signal issue, is there anything we can do to improve matters or do the companies need to sort out their signals?

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Hi Lil, I have signal problems too (Te Puke) but what I've found out recently is that it is my equipment rather than the signal. Flatmate uses same aerial with different equipment and he has no problems. Also he was using my connection before so it isn't just from the split to me - rather my Panasonic DVR is throttling the signal I think.

Hey Lil,

Try running through the list of potential causes here:



See Network Status page for updates.

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