Hey, just ditched sky!  When Sky was attached we a modulator that allowed feed to other tv's.  Can anyone help as to how I can do this with Freeview?  We are on a dish only and I have the S8200 Freeview model.  Thanks 

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You need an rf modulator like this


If you purchased the current modulator from Sky you can keep it and use it as you own it. If it was part of the install and was returned with their decoder then you can probably purchase a new one from Sky.

Thanks Biggles

I think I own it so how do you know what number to have it on?  Thanks

Doesn't matter as long as it doesn't conflict with a Freeview UHF channel which isn't a problem if you are Satellite only. Just tune the TVs to that channel number. If you have it and own it and it was working OK with Sky then all you need to do is plug in the A/V leads from the S8200 instead of the Sky A/V leads. Your TVs should already be tuned to the number on the modulator display unless you changed the channel.

If you don't get an answer here - you may like to try Geekzone There are many people there who may be able to help you.


If you had Sky B4 , then your Tv is already tuned to the modulator frequency.

Excellent thanks.  All working again!

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