Equipment – Panasonic dish, Zinwell ZMX 7500 receiver.

I have reviewed other forum posts on this topic and still have not found a solution. I receive the 12462 frequency channels fine, but have not been able to receive the 12483 frequency channels (1 and 2). I used to receive these channels, they started working intermittently, and now have stopped entirely.

I have readjusted the dish and LNB based on the signal strength indicated by the receiver in the manual tune mode. When adjusting the dish, the signal for 12462 shows 100% strength constantly, however the 12483 frequency will only show 100% intermittently – the strength oscillates from 0% to 100%. A reasonable range of adjustment (approx. +/- 3 degrees?) of both the dish and LNB provide a 100% signal but I can't get the 12483 frequency to show 100% constantly. I set the dish in the midpoint of the range vertically, horizontally and for LNB, + tried other portions of the range, with no affect. Also, when I do an auto-tune, at the end of the procedure, the signal strength is usually only 79% for 12462, instead of the 100% previously indicated, but all the channels work fine.  I have checked all cables, and done factory resets on the receiver.

Should I get a signal meter at this point? Would it tell me anything more useful than using the onscreen signal indicator? Should I try a new LNB?

All suggestions welcome!


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That transponder frequencies should be 12456 and 12483 here is the bandplan for the Optus D1.


Hi J Howell,

You say you are getting the channels on 12462 transponder okay, but the frequency for that transponder is actually 12456!!  So I guess you must have done a "blind scan" at some time of just that transponder to get that frequency loaded into your receiver.

That's why one transponder (with the wrong frequency) is picking up the channels and one (with the right frequency -12483 ) isn't picking up any channels. If you search for transponder 12489, you would probably pick up the channels; but that wouldn't fix the problem, just get around it.

Now, that tells me one of two things are wrong:- 1. The Local Oscillation (L.O.) of your LNB has wandered by 6 Mhz and is now operating at 11306 (instead of 11300) or 10756 (instead of 10750).

2. The wrong L.O. setting has been entered into your receiver; either 11306 (instead of 11300) or 10756 (instead of 10750).

(My guess is that it's the LNB, because they slowly wander further and further, and you say it used to work, then intermittantly, now not at all).

So check what the L.O. setting is in your receiver. If it's not 11300 or 10750, then change the L.O. setting and do another blind scan. Also make sure the "type" of LNB is set on "KU Band", "Single", "Standard", or something like that - NOT UNIVERSAL!

If the settings in your receiver are all correct, then your LNB is shot! Buy a new, good quality one, but make sure it's the same L.O. as your settings - if you fit an L.O.11300 LNB, then make sure the setting in your receiver is11300!

Cheers,    Bill. 

Sounds like your best bet is to call in a professional , they will align the dish correctly and sort the issue

If the LNB is old, that will most likely be the problem. The old Sharp brand dual throat oval Sky LNBs go off frequency as they get old. It sounds like this may have happened because the 12462 should be 12456. If you try 12489 for the other one it might work because it will be 6MHz higher like the other one.

Hi all, thanks for the suggestions. It seems like the LO of my LNB has wandered as described above by Bill. As he suggested, I changed the settings in the receiver, and now it picks up all the channels perfectly using the incorrect frequencies. Its worked fine for two weeks now, but If it continues to wander, I will try adjusting the frequency again, and if that doesn't work, then seems like at some point I might need to replace the LNB.



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