I have a new TV with dual tuners 

I have a sky dish and a terrestial aerial they feed into a distribution amplifier with F type outputs ie 3 inputs 8 outputs .One of theses is connected to the sat tuner input on the TV

When I tune aerial type terrestial on the TV I get nothing.

When I tune aerial type “Dish” I get channels excluding TV 3

When tune “analogue and digital”  same result as expected.

Ie  I am missing channel Three I think other Freeview channels that I am not interested in..

Do I need to split the aerial and apply to both tuners on the TV. I have tried using the Freeview sat dish receiver ( but haven’t checked LNB)

I would appreciate your assistance I want to get rid of Sky decoder which has the same signal input as the stand alone Freeview receiver and the sat input of the TV both the sky decoder and Freeview set top box input to the TV through HDMI.

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You need to connect to the UHF tuner as well.  Use two of the 8 outputs , one to Sat and one to UHF.

Hi David, 

Try Biggles recommendation, if you are still stuck let us know!


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