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We have recently moved into a new house in Albany (Auckland) and for the first few days freeview HD worked fine.

Then last Wednesday (20th) the signal just stopped and 'week or no signal' started showing up on the TV and we havent been able to figure out why.

TV: Samsung LA22B650 with built in freeview

Aerial: Dick Smith UHF bunny ears

I tried a new UHF aerial (that didnt work), I borrowed a friends Triones set top box and set this up on the TV (via AV leads) and plugged into our existing sky dish (that didnt work) and I tried plugging into the normal TV aerial (that didnt work).

Is there any reported service issues in our area? as i feel like I have test the other two possibilities (tv and/or aerial)


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Hey Brendon,

It's because you're using bunny ears - which are NOT the right type of UHF aerial (you NEED an external UHF aerial) - the indoor aerial would only work when you have ideal atmospheric conditions but with the weather being the way it is in Auckland, you do need the recommended external UHF aerial (you can get those from Dick Smith, Noel Leemings & some Warehouse stores) - see more here: http://www.freeviewnz.tv/help-support/faqs/aerials-for-freeview.aspx

If you need installer help, you can find one in your area here: http://www.freeviewnz.tv/equipment-installation/installation.aspx#f...



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