Previously we had a Sky receiver and when this was installed we had some initial issues with reception. We rang their tech support and they had us modify the LNB settings for the Optus1 satellite and after that it was perfect for entire time we had it.

Recently we stopped with Sky and moved to a Freeview S8200. This is connected to the same dish as the Sky receiver was. Its run fine for 2 weeks on its default LNB (10.742) and all channels received well. In the last 48 hours we've had a large number of the channels disappear and can now only see tv4 and prime.

We've tried factory resets, satelite/blind scans and used the 2 LNB ranges (11.300 and 10.750) that Sky would normally supply their customers but still no luck. 

Has anyone else experienced a similar issue and know of any solutions?


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Hi Matt

The Dish looks like it's a dual throat which means that one throat is aiming at Optus D1 and the other (which is raised higher) will be aiming at Optus D3, there could be some clashes with the two LNB's although this shouldn't be the common case.

Make sure that cables are connected properly and that the dish is not obstructed, make sure it's secured tight so weather cannot affect the services.


With the STB defaulting to 10.742 tells me you have a drifting local oscillator. 

Local Oscillator Frequency should be 10.750

Your LNBF needs replacing.

A single throat 10.75 LNB will do the trick. you will also need a 40mm adapter to make it fit

Serviced with a new quad LNB, new cable and realignment and sorted all the channels are back
Thanks for the update Matt!

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