We’ve just moved from an area with fibre to Riverhead. (No fibre) Somehow the Lightbox app which was working on our dish tv A2, now doesn’t connect. We get the spinning wheel then “the connection timed out”. We are connected to the network with a strong signal. I’ve tried deleting and re-installing the app, signing out and back in. Clearing the cache all with no luck.

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How are you connected to the network? Wirelessly or Ethernet cable. What do you call a strong signal? What's your network speed? Where are you measuring your signal from? What sort of connection have you got now?

The freeview box is currently connected via Ethernet to my time capsule which is connected via Ethernet cable to a tp link adapter which in turn connects to the modem upstairs. Full signal.

I’ve tried wirelessly connecting straight to the upstairs modem without any luck. Strong signal = full. Network sped is 34mbps.

YouTube plays without issue from the freeview box as does wwe network.
...Tvnz on demand will play live tv from the box but not on demand. Freeview on demand will get all the way to the program playing then I get a spinning wheel. It’s all very confusing.

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