when I moved house I disconnected the my sky hd box along with rf modulator which transferred sky to bedroom,now I'm in new property and can't remember how to connect it all up main tv is lg same as tv in bedroom.any advice is appreciated

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Hi Darren,

Someone, (The Sky Installer?) would have connected the cabling in the ceiling of your old place to create that "Feedback" system, so that the Sky signal would then feed back to the bedroom.

Most houses are not wired up that way as standard; Sometimes a new cable even has to be physically pulled down inside the wall to create that "feedback" setup.

So what I'm saying is that you will need to get someone to first configure your system for the "feedback", then you (or they) can connect up the modulator to the Sky receiver, and then to that feed back cable.

It's not just a matter of moving into a new house and connecting things correctly behind the TV in the lounge. Sorry.

Cheers, Bill. 

Hi bill.appreciate your reply.im in the franklin area if you or any one news of a contact who could set this up,for me.thanks again

Hi Darren,

We're based in Hamilton and cover the Waikato but, unfortunately, you're just a bit too far North for us. So hopefully someone who services your area will read these posts.

Cheers, Bill. 

Hi bill sorry to bother u again.after many hours trying to sort it out I got a picture but now no sound,any advice would be appreciated
Hi bill.got the sound and picture now,any way of improving picture on secondary tv which is in bedroom .thanks

Hi Darren,

What's wrong with the picture? Is it grainy?, has it got wavy lines across it? is it in B & W? and I assume you are talking about the picture from the Sky receiver?

Cheers, Bill.

Hi bill.appreciate your reply.i got the picture and sound to the tv in the bedroom ,was expecting the picture to be a bit clearer,looks a bit ghostly /shadows

I assume the tv in the lounge is connected via hdmi cable ?

How have you connected the bedroom tv to the modulator ?

To  get the best picture possible via RF connection you need to connect the modulator and bedroom tv directly using RG6 coax.

Hi Paul.thanks for the advice.will check over everything .

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