After several years without a TV, I've ordered a Samsung that has an integral satellite receiver...a hybrid.  Will need satellite as we can't get UHF where we live in Golden Bay. 

Most of our viewing will be movies, but I'd like to get Freeview. A friend gave me an old 80cm dish and Sharp LNB.  I have no idea if it had been used for or how old it is.

I'd be able to do all the physical installation, but would need help with aiming the dish and the final setup. I've been told by one installer that it would cost about $450 for a complete install, including the dish.  

Is what I have even the appropriate equipment for what I want to do?  Am I wasting my time trying to save a few hundred bucks?  

All comments would be welcome.

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The dish should be OK but the LNB may be of doubtful quality depending on it's age. I'd certainly opt for a new one.

All the bits and pieces you need for your install including satellite finder/alignment meter are available here

and will cost considerably less than getting an installer. I'd suggest get all the bits, install yourself and only get an installer if you run into problems.

A complete DIY install package including a PVR is only $249

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