If you have the hills hsmx200 receiver then i am afraid it will not work with the new prime transponder update. I rang the hills help line after trying many times to update as per the instructions on this freeview site,and a recorded message informs owners of the hsmx200 that it cannot receive the new transponder frequency and you will need to purchase a new freeview receiver. The instructions on updating to new prime are absolutely pointless and are probably getting a lot of people very frustrated trying to update. Why they would give instructions here to upgrade it when it simply wont upgrade makes no sense at all . Why do that ? . So yeah, hsmx 200 is now a defunct receiver. No prime , 4+1, or edge for hsmx 200 owners.
So try and ring hills and hear the message firsthand, no joking , they say it will not work for prime anymore. So thanks Hills for wasting our time and getting hsmx 200 annoyed and frustrated, well done.

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Hills info line::. 09 912 6789

Are you on firmware 1.23 ?

There are some instructions here, I don't see it why it shouldn't be able to load the new T.P


Nzdtv: yes version 1.23 is on my reciever.
I tried your link , it says a different transponder frequency to the one on here but it does not work either. Did you ring the number given above ??. Please listen to that recorded message !. Hills are putting out instructions to update , but then say it is incompatible with new frequency. ???.
What a cluster f*"*.

Those are the original instructions for moving to Prime on the now OLD frequency 12706 H

There are instructions here you should be able to follow


just use the t.p data as

Change the following (Type in using numbers)
Frequency 12519
Symbol rate 22500

Polarity should be H for Horizontal

Nzdtv::. Do you have an hsmx 200 ??

I tried your link above , it gives zero info there mate. It is all about old versions not 1.23.
I tried entering manually the frequency, nothing , all numbers and horizontal are as you say. Still no go.

Click the folder where it says archive

Click where it says tip - add trackside

follow instructions, but use 12519 H as the frequeny you add

Still no go mate , i appreciate you trying to help , but please just call that number and listen to what hills say about the hsmx200

Try a factory reset, choose Auckland as region

Then try the above again

The guy in the other thread has it going. Hills is just trying to flog users a new unit so they dont have to deal with supporting it.

Factory reset did jack shit , it is simply not happening. The new frequency scans but prime etc do not show up.

What thread ? What guy?

I would never ever buy a hills electronic product, i only have this lemon because it was free.

I have just about had enough of this complete f*** up of a reciever.

Hills are idiots!!!!!
Quite frankly i don't believe Graham, he says the same thing as i have already tried.
He really has an hsmx 200 receiver??
He has not answered my posts.
I have had enough of this utter bullshit anyway , hills are rubbish.
If hills own instructions dont work , and they also say it wont work with new frequency well what can i do?.
Move on because this shit just aint worth it . Hills have just reinforced what a crap product i always thought it was.

Thanks for trying to help , but i give up



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