I have a Dishtv freeview s7070. I can't tune channels or anything due to "database empty" phrase keeps popping uhp. How do I resolve this

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This usually means you have no signal coming from the dish.  

I'm living in a unit of 3 which all run off the same dish. I have asked neighbours if there tv and everything is working and yes there's is working fine except mine

Are you sure your neighbors are on Sat and not UHF? Check the cables in your building. For some reason, there is no sat signal getting to the box..

Hi Huihana

How long have you had the DISH TV box before you noticed the channels disappearing? 

Have you been affected by weather lately? 


I purchased the box via Facebook so yes it is second hand. The channels were saved BUT "no signal" was showing at that time. I then factory reset everything (which most probably was the dumbest thing to do) and due to me doing that, it is now showing "database empty". And no we have not been affected by bad weather, unit neighbours are still getting there signal with there TVs. And my mistake yes it is running from UHF not a dish.
When I click on satellite set up and select "scan" ... on the strength and quality bars or is showing 0%
It not or...

A satellite box won't work on a UHF aerial. You need built-in Freeview or a UHF box

You will need to get a decoder that works on UHF as the S7070 works on Satellite Only

I'm new to this freeview thing never ever had It, only ever had Sky, no longer have it. So my DISHTV FREEVIEW S7070 BOX will not work on a UHF aerial???
Thank use for the help guys, much appreciated

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