Is there a way to keep logged in without having to sign in to Samsung smart tv every time we want to watch Freeview?

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Hi Lou,

This issue is possibly happening due to data storage not being enabled on your TV.

To enable data storage on your TV, go to your TV Settings > Broadcasting > Expert Settings > HbbTV Settings.

Please let us know if that helps.

Kind regards,


Hi Hannah
Thanks i appreciate your reply. I have tried what you suggested, it seemed to already be on the right setting, I reset it again to this to make sure. Still am needing to sign in every time… do you have any other ideas what might help?

Hey Lou, 

Thank you for your response!

Our developers have also suggested restarting your router and try turning off "private browsing" in your TV settings. 

If they don't fix it, good news is that we have spoken with Samsung about this issue.

To help Samsung investigate, they've asked for the TV model details as well as a video of the issue. For the video, Samsung said to go to any apps first and play a content before going to the Freeview App.

Please private message me on here with those details.

Let me know if you have any queries!

Kind regards,


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