Hi hope someone can help because I have no idea where else to ask. When TV first went digital to Freeview I got a 2nd hand converter box (no manual) UltraPlus  and the guy installed a cable to attach to the existing satellite on the roof. All straightforward.

I moved and unfortunately have now only got an aerial (roof) option and the cable is different. The TV itself doesn't have the necessary chip to pick up digital tv, so just plugging in the aerial doesn't work.

So, do I need a different converter box for an aerial or can I just get an adapter plug for the aerial so I can screw it into the converter? If so, what and where (Auckland Central)? Thanks!

Converter box is UltraPlus 680 Platinum (LNB IN 13/18v = 400mA max)

TV: Sharp Aquos (modern flat screen but minus chip)

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You need a UHF box to replace your Sat box. Or a new TV.

Thanks. I had a feeling it would not be cheap or easy to do this. I was assured I could use a coax socket F adaptor to attach the aerial cable to the existing tuner box, but I guess not.

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