I have filled out the online support form 4+ times, which says I'll get a response in 2 business days, never got one. These were posted over a period of about 2 weeks. I have called the phone number at least half a dozen times and every time I was promised a return email or phone call. Not a single one. The 3-4 calls, i was told a supervisor was going to email me, but they seem to either never attempted to send one or don't know how to work email, because I never got one. The last few calls, someone was going to call me back, never got a call. My last call yesterday, someone was going to call me back in about an hour and I am still waiting.

My calls/emails were all about the same issue that Laurie Henry has posted about here and that is the short signal drops/pixilation/loss of sound in Southland/Invercargill.

In my experience the customer support is 100% useless. No follow up and they just flat out don't care.

Not the perfect answer, but forget about Freeview, just stream the content you are after.

btw, had my setup checked, reset the TV and re-tuned, still same result. Issue has been happening for the past 3 months and Freeview dont want to even acknowledge the issue. See Laurie's post, but not just affecting me, others are having the issue.

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Hi Mike,

We are incredibly sorry that there was a such a big delay in responding to you.  

Due to the nature of this issue, our team had to get in contact with the transmission provider, JDA, who oversees the site for Invercargill (Forest Hill) and wait for them to confirm if there are any issues that are causing reception problems for Invercargill residents. 

We advised JDA that you (and others) have been experiencing constant pixilation, retuning didn’t help and that an installer checked your set up and found no issues. 

The last update we had from JDA is that in order for them to pin down which transmitters are potentially causing the issue, they need more information from like any particular channels (is it TVNZ or Warner Bros. Discovery NZ?) or time of day the issue occurs.

It'll take some time for JDA to figure out what transmitter is causing the issue, so any specific detail will be extremely helpful for JDA's investigation. 

As you’re aware in the last couple of months, the Forest Hill site has unfortunately had numerous transmission issues, unplanned outages, and planned works. Our Contact Centre team were across all of them and we also updated our Network Status page on the Freeview Forum at the time. 

We are so sorry again for the delay and if you could please provide the above details then we can promptly relay those details to JDA. 

Kind regards, 


It’s on at least all the channels I watch. 1, 2 and 3 including the +1 channels. It happens all the time randomly. No matter the time of day.

Hi Mike,

Great thank you for that - we've shared that information with JDA now.

Will let you know what they advise.

Kind regards,


Mike Weir said:

It’s on at least all the channels I watch. 1, 2 and 3 including the +1 channels. It happens all the time randomly. No matter the time of day.

Hi Mike,

We've heard back from JDA. They had a local contractor monitoring the Invercargill site Wednesday afternoon and apart from a fleeting burst of pixelisation at lunch time, there have been no other occurrences up to yesterday afternoon. Does this correlate with what you experienced yesterday? 

Which area of Invercargill are you in? JDA are wondering if it's a known marginal coverage area.

Also, with it being extremely windy in Invercargill lately, JDA said it could be possible that you have a loose cable on the mast with an intermittent connection. With the high winds some antennas can get turned away from the transmitting site, so lose their ability to pick up the signal. 

Kind regards,



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