[Dish TV UHF FreeviewPlus Receiver T2100] How to remove channel menu Plus

Dish TV UHF FreeviewPlus Receiver T2100

How do I get back to normal channel prompt.  Just woke up, half asleep and not sure what I pressed. 

I have a big grey menu at the bottom that I dont want. Mini Guide. 

Date, NOW, times of different shows

Each time I change the channel it always comes up. How do I get rid of this.


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How do I get rid of the side prompts that come in from the left hand side of the tv. I think its for online freeview prompt. Everytime I change the channel its comes up.  Theres another prompt at the bottom. Thanks

omg, this blasted freeview. How do I get normal EPG and not the big freeview plus menu . I want it to display one channel menu at a time, not the whole channels menu list. Dont want this menu.

trying to get this menu 

Hi Taylor, If you have a T2100 and you are trying to access the MHEG EPG you can set this as default under Menu / Settings / User Preference / Default Guide - You can Press the right hand arrow key on the remote to change this setting to MHEG once selected you can "OK" to save.

Taylor said:

trying to get this menu 



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