Dish TV S7010PVR Satellite USB PVR *Latest Channel Data*

Please note this is only for Revision 1 with both LNB IN / LOOP OUT and a 11300mhz  or 10750mhz LNB

Will not work with Revision 2 with a single LNB In

The revision 1 unit has both LNB in and LOOP out connections as in this picture

The revision 2 unit has only the LNB in connection as in this picture

To update Channel data download the zip file below and extract the contents to a Flash drive , then plug the flash drive into the USB port on the front of the receiver.

1. Press Menu then use the right arrow key till you see * Installation* 

2. Use the down arrow to Select * SW Update * then Press OK

3. Select * Update by USB * then Press OK

4. Select the file that matches your LNB then Press OK

5 The receiver should load the new channel data and restart.

Note you may need to Press the Yellow TV/Radio Button to return to TV

NEW * Updated to include TV3 *

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So how do I know which revision I have? Is there somewhere that tells me?

I followed the instructions for updating my S7010PVR and it didn't work. All it did was disable the EPG.   I have Prime set on Programme No. 5.   However, I note it is also available on Programme Nos. 23, 24 & 30 and I CAN see the EPG on those numbers.

Secondly, does the message telling us to update appear at any specific times?  I watched Prime on Programme 5 for about 2 hours before seeing the message this morning.  How do I know if it's worked on Programmes 23, 24 & 30?  I can't sit here all day waiting to see if it's worked.  If it HAS worked, I'm waiting for something that's not going to happen!!

Thank you, Paul,

Once again you have come up trumps with the right answer and it's so simple when you know how. Always great service from you, (on a long weekend too) and it's really appreciated.


Manually Add TV3  works with both Revision 1 & Revision 2 of the S7010PVR.

Press the Menu Button to bring up the main Menu
Press the Left Arrow until the Installation Menu is displayed then press OK
Select TP Manager and press OK
Press the Down Arrow and select 12456
Press the Blue Button (To Scan)
Press the Right Arrow to select Free Only and press OK

You will need to organise your channels into the correct order after scanning.



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