Anyone else having issues with their Dish TV A2 unit making regular split second "dropouts"?

My A2 runs fine then suddenly for no reason, there is a split second "dropout" & half a word is missed & the picture misses a few frames. Happens 3 or 4 times an hour & on all channels.

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I have a similar thing where the whole screen goes black or half black with some picture. But I still have sound.

Thanks Jill. I think I will try e-mailing Dish TV themselves & see if this is a known problem with the A2 satellite box. I seem to remember reading about the problem just before I bought my A2 box.

I'll post any helpful info Dish TV may provide.


Jill said:

I have a similar thing where the whole screen goes black or half black with some picture. But I still have sound.

Thanks for that Jill! 

Brian, please let us know on the forum how you go! So we can help other users who may encounter this in the future! 

Have a good week!


I have had a reply from a Dish TV technician who asked:

Go to Menu / Settings / Advanced Settings / System Info, what is the Software Version shown?

Is the issue on Live TV, or do you see it on Recordings? On Demand? etc...

I have replied with the info he asked for & that the issue is on both "live" TV & recordings. Not sure about On demand as we don't use that often.

I will keep everyone posted. :)


Here is the "fix" sent to me by Dish T.V. - but I have tried it twice & only get as far as Number 8, then get a message on screen "No Update Available" - very frustrating, but perhaps others may be able to make the instruction work. If you can - please tell me your secret!


How to update your A2 via USB:

1. Please download the .zip file linked above, and follow the instructions below to update your A2.
2. Once downloaded, copy (DON'T EXTRACT) the .zip file directly onto a USB Flash Drive.
3. Insert the USB Flash Drive into the USB Port on the Back of your A2.
4. Press the "O" button on your Remote.
5. Move up and select Settings (COG) in the top-right, next to the Time.
7. Move down and select About.
8. Select Local Update, then sdb1.
9. You will see a message on-screen "Copying update.zip..." this can take a couple minutes.
10. Select OK, when asked "Are you sure you want to upgrade?"
11. The A2 will reboot and install the Software Update.
12. Once the Software Update has finished the A2 will reboot again to resume Live TV viewing.
13. Remove the USB Flash Drive.
Technical Support Desk
Dish TV Technologies Ltd
25 McKee Street
Hamilton 3200 

Thanks for that info Brian! 

Hope anyone here can confirm if the above steps work on their device!


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