After following the instructions to update the Dish TVs7070 we now have no TV channels at all.  All I get is a data base empty message.  

When I go to the country set up are, there is no option for Nelson or Tasman (I am in Tasman).  Have tried tuning in to all of the areas but nothing works.

Any ideas on how to fix this?

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S7070 LNB Drift

To correct for an LNB that has drifted in frequency the steps are as follows

Press the menu button on the remote to bring up the main menu.
Select Installation and Press Ok
Select Satellite Setup and press OK
Select LNB No and press the right arrow until 8 is displayed
Select LNB Low Frequency and using the number keys enter 10745
Select LNB High Frequency and using the number keys enter 10745
Select 22Khz and press the right arrow to select Off
Press OK to start scanning
Select "Yes" and press OK

Once the scan process is completed you will be returned to the Installation menu. Press the Exit button twice to return to normal viewing.

Thanks Paul.

All sorted now - much appreciated!



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