quite a while ago I decided to split the cable coming from the dish so that I could use another TV with seperate Top Box. I originally purchased a Hills 4 way splitter (BC15470SR) only to find that I couldn't get any reception through. I then read that this splitter was not the right one for a Satellite set up and I ended purchasing another type  a Match Master 3 way splitter (07MM-TM13) and have had no trouble with it.

What I would like to know is what is the difference (a part from the number of outlets) is there between these  two splitters 

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Well the 07MM-TM13 is a Sat splitter with all ports power pass.

Can't find any specs on the other but suspect it's either VHF/UHF (not suitable for Sat) or only one power pass port.

Got a photo of it?

The VHF/UHF splitters are only good to around 900mhz. Sat splitters go to around 2500mhz.

Thanks for the info, I've posted a photo of the Hills Splitter20180415_001741a.jpg

It seems to be similar to the Matchmaster  

4 Way Splitter 'F' Type 5-2450MHz Power Pass All Ports Horizontal

OK. Only difference is number of ports and only a single power pass port on the Hills.

Arthur Wright said:

Thanks for the info, I've posted a photo of the Hills Splitter20180415_001741a.jpg

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