Otherwise known as the Freeview Electronic Programme Guide, the EPG allows you to view information about programmes on all you available Freeview channels for 8-days ahead. 

So if you wanted to see what's on - there's absolutely no need to check elsewhere - it's all right there on your TV screen and it's a completely free service provided by Freeview.

Click here to see how you can access & unleash the wonderful power of the Freeview EPG!


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That's the latest firmware for the S7090PVR .

Sue said:

Thanks Alan for your reply.  Perhaps I don't have current version on mine.  There is

hardware version 2.1

chip version 4.1

software version A3U_11_0161

Loader version LDR_DISHTV_HW21_SW20

MCU Version DC

Date Sept 30 2013

Time 21:50:29

If its not the current one I guess I will have to find out how to do it manually.

Thanks very much for your assistance.




Sad to say that is also the firmware that my s7090 is running and I get no lock up.

Give DishTV support another try.




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