Tvnz on demand and other apps vanished over night. A professional installer installed them ok but now they have gone. Another phone tech said to use install and factory reset but it would not recognise my password either capitals or lower case. all other WiFi units are working iPad laptop and printer I notice the frequency is low under 30 but if it worked the night before why not now ? How do I get em back ? Sat box S82000
Can I change settings on iPad ? As I have Tvnz ondemand app on iPad ? Which works just fine even in another room !

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The default password on the S82000 should be 0000 unless someone has changed it. The wifi password will be the same as the one on your iPad.  A Factory reset should fix it.

Thank you so much I will give it an other go later to day

Hi Derek

The apps which you launch via the APPS button on the remote will be there, I had a check with the Dish TV team and nothing went down so hopefully your reset has managed to put things right


Sorry to say but nothing has appeared back regardless.
The only thing that seems to have changed is the frequency is very low ... Below 25
All my other devices are working ok with WiFi iPad laptop printer and mobile phone
How do I boost the frequency (?) power ?
It must have been stronger when the professional guy did it What am I doing wrong ?
Are you not working over the weekends ?
Hence no reply as yet
Frequency mmmmm I meant bandwidth maybe
Looking forward to your reply on Monday perhaps

I find it a bit ironic that I have paid extra for a WiFi capability only to find it does not work that well when other devices I have there is no trouble even in another part of the home

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EPG Issue-Timaru: Some Timaru customers are reporting missing EPG info and in turn can not record. This issue is being looked into (Last updated: 27 NOV).


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