I don't know if I'm posting this in the right forum, but here we go.

I recently moved house, and when I got here I discovered I didn't have a cable for my TV. It's a Soniq TV that has Freeview built into it, so all I need is the aerial cable to plug it in.

In my room is this socket on the wall, that I assume I can use for the aerial cable, the person who lived before me had a TV in here that I assume used these sockets...

Can I use this socket for Freeview or am I just completely wrong here? Cos I can buy an adapter cos I have a normal aerial cable already. Or if it's just not for Freeview, I can get somebody to come in and put in a proper one...

Thanks in advance!

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just get an F plug to belling-lee adaptor or lead and try the lower or white socket

One of these would work


or as Willis says, an F type to TV type adaptor.


Should find them OK in the big hardware stores too.

Might be a good idea to trace where those sockets go to as well. Would expect one to be to UHF and the other to a Dish antenna.

a blue f socket means 3ghz rated so likely satellite with the other probably terrestial

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