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Missing Channels

We seem to be missing several Freeview|HD channels. We receive only TV channels 1 - 12, 18, 26 and 29. We do not receive any radio channels…

Started by Peter

1 Apr 20, 2013
Reply by Peter

ongoin issues with freeview

is any1 else in the Brightwater or surrounding areas having trouble with freeview pixillating and the sound being distorted in the last 2 o…

Started by Anne Stringer

2 Apr 15, 2013
Reply by Anne Stringer

CTV channel 40 Christchurch.

I have a Panasonic television which is receiving the audio for CTV but is not getting any video. All other channels are performing normall…

Started by Ross Dawson

11 Mar 27, 2013
Reply by Ross Dawson

freeview issues with nelson Mt Campbell link

since the microwave link was upgraded it was noted on the network status that as far as they were aware there are no more issues.  I live i…

Started by Anne Stringer

1 Mar 3, 2013
Reply by Valerie fitzsimons

Series Link Problem

Hi - I'm new to the forum and have a problem that has been reported on facebook with no result. We record TV3 news every night with series…

Started by Stephen McMillan

17 Feb 26, 2013
Reply by Warwick Terry

dolby digital switching to stereo in Brightwater, Nelson.

im having issues where my signal keeps switching from dolby digital to stereo, my tv goes black for a second then comes back on, sometimes…

Started by Anne Stringer

6 Feb 11, 2013
Reply by John Stephens

Picture and sound breakup

We get our signal from sugarloaf does anybody have problems with picture and sound breaking upat different times, receiving dtt signal.

Started by Mick Little

6 Feb 7, 2013
Reply by Mick Little

No signal [SOLVED]

We have a UHF freeview since Sunday and it was working fine and then tonight during the news it said No Signal.  Have no idea why?  Any sug…

Started by Gav Wales

1 Feb 6, 2013
Reply by Bill McMurray

Data Service [SOLVED]

Anyone have a Samsung LED HD tv on freeview lose their HD picture now and then, screen goes black and a message pops up saying "Data Servic…

Started by Bryan McNabb

1 Feb 3, 2013
Reply by Josh @ Freeview

Firmware Update might help [SOLVED]

I have just downloaded the latest firmware following the instructions at I'm hoping that might help. So far it looks alri…

Started by Valerie fitzsimons

2 Feb 1, 2013
Reply by Valerie fitzsimons



  • OnDemand Issues for SAMSUNG SMART TV
    We are aware of issues with these TVs, It is under investigation.  Please check NETWORK STATUS for the latest updates. 

    If you post regarding this, please include your Model Number which can be found in the Menu or the back of your TV. 

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