Rescan on Hills HSMX-200

Thanks to Paul & Graham for providing these instructions.

You will need to use your Hills Remote.

Please check your LNB Settings before you proceed (instructions differ depending on your LNB). See here for HOW TO CHECK YOUR LNB SETTINGS.

If your LNB is 10750 please see instructions here.

If you LNB is 11300 please see below.



1. Press Menu on your Hills remote

2. Use the Right arrow on your remote to select System

3. Use Down arrow key to select Set Default

4. Press Enter key

5. Enter 0000  Using number keys

6. Use Down arrow key to select Yes

7. Press Enter key

8. Select *Auckland* as(City Name) Using Right/Left arrow key

9. Use Down arrow key to select Start scanning

10. Press Enter key


If you want the *New* Prime /  BRAVO Plus 1 / The Edge

1. Press Menu

2. Use Right arrow key to select Setup

3. Use Down arrow key to select Antenna Setup

4. Press Enter key

5. Enter 0000  Using number keys

6. Use Down arrow key to select Scan

7. Press Enter key

8. Use Down arrow key to select Scan method

9. Press Enter key and use Up arrow to select Full Scan

10. Press Enter key

11. Use Down arrow key to select Start scanning

12. Press Enter key

13. Window will appear asking "Delete all existing channels and recording schedule?

14. Use Down arrow key to select Yes

15. Press Enter key

The Hills HSMX-200  will start scanning and find the new channels.



The following instructions are for Satellite Installations using an LNB Type of 10750.


1. Press MENU

2. Use right arrow to highlight SYSTEM and press ENTER

3. Down arrow key to highlight SET DEFAULT and press ENTER

4. Enter using the remote number keys Pin number 0000

5. Down arrow to highlight YES and press ENTER

6. Select your location using left and right arrows. e.g. Auckland

7. Down arrow to highlight START SCANNING and press ENTER.  

Once scanning of Channels is completed you need to follow the next steps to load the new frequencies for Prime, The Edge and BRAVO Plus 1.


1. Press MENU

2. Right arrow key highlight SETUP and press ENTER

3. ANTENNA SETUP should be highlighted so press ENTER

4. Enter using the remote number keys Pin number 0000

5. SATELLITE EDITOR should be highlighted, so press ENTER

6. Right arrow to select Asia Sat4

7. Press the Red Button on your Remote REMOVE SATELLITE and press ENTER

8. Press the Green Button on your Remote to ADD NEW SATELLITE and press MENU

9. Down arrow to select TUNER CONFIGURATION and press ENTER

10. Right arrow to select NEW SAT

11. Down arrow to select LNB LOCAL- FREQ

12. Enter using the remote number keys 10750 and Press ENTER (enter over any existing numbers)

13. Press MENU

14. Down arrow to highlight TRANSPONDER LIST EDITOR and press ENTER

15. Right arrow key to select NEW SAT

16. Press the Green key on your remote to ADD NEW TP

17. Down arrow key to select FREQUENCY and enter 12519

18. Down arrow key to select SYMBOL RATE and enter 22500

19. Press ENTER AND then press MENU

20. Down arrow highlight SCAN

21. Right arrow to highlight NEW SAT

22. Down arrow to highlight START SCANNING and press ENTER

Once the scan process is complete you should have all new channels loaded and available for viewing.


If you're having no success with the above process:

1. Check you have followed all steps correctly (and carried out a FULL SCAN)

2. If you'd like to clarify the instructions, please email or add a comment below.


Using your Hills Remote:

1. Press Menu, cursor across to Setup, cursor down to Antenna Setup

2. Enter the password 0000

3. Cursor down to Tuner configuration and press Enter

4. Check the signal quality and signal level bars - these should both indicate 75% or higher.

5. In LNB Local-freq, you should see 10750 or 11300.  

If you'd like help from the forum, post a discussion and include in your post the LNB number that shows up in your Hills HSMX 200.

Press EXIT to return to normal viewing.

A technical note about LNB Local Oscillator Frequency

During the normal scanning procedure, the receiver has automatically detected that this is the local oscillator frequency of the LNB.

Whatever LNB frequency is indicated in your LNC Local-freq field is the correct one for your installation and should not be altered without advice from someone who understands the down-converting principles.  I.e. a change from 10750 to 11300 would just lose all channels, but a slight change of +/- 5 may help correct for an aging LNB, if that is the problem.

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Comment by Paul on May 10, 2018 at 18:08

Try the instructions here if you have the a 10750 LNB

Have re checked today that this still works and was successful and Prime is channel 10.

Comment by Graham Wilson on May 10, 2018 at 15:59

I have a 11300 LNB and have just carried out a Factory Restore and followed the instructions above for a 11300 LNB and the additional channels have appeared ok, i.e.

9 Bravo Plus 1

10 Prime

17 The Edge TV

Sorry I can't confirm if they still work with a 10750 LNB

Comment by Mike Perkins on May 9, 2018 at 15:56

Have tried to scan in channels as instructed but still have no Prime. If I enter channel 10 I get Choice!

Hills HSMX-200

Was there a second Prime change?

Comment by William Wiremu Rapana on June 28, 2016 at 16:40

i ment it did not help

Comment by William Wiremu Rapana on June 28, 2016 at 16:37

 no.that did help


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