PRIME Move on Freeview Satellite

PRIME made changes from OCT 2013 - JAN 2014

If you have lost PRIME, you need to follow manufacturer instructions to tune to PRIME's new frequency on your satellite receiver.

Instructions vary depending on your receiver brand & model.

Please select from the below to find instructions supplied by the Accredited Manufacturers:



My receiver brand isn't listed?

It's probably an unapproved model, see this forum discussion for instructions supplied by the community.

Want to know more?

More info about Prime's change to its satellite broadcast is below.

PRIME has changed its satellite service

On Thursday 16th January at 09:00 Prime's static-message service was removed and you will need to tune into Prime's new frequency (TP 12707) to continue watching Prime.

If you have lost Prime:

UNAPPROVED satellite receivers

All Unapproved Receivers (those that do NOT carry a Freeview logo) will lose Prime. A factory reset will generally not re-tune the Optus D1 transponders.

A blind-scan might get Prime's new transmission.

Please contact your supplier for instructions on how to blindscan or re-tune or click here to see a help topic with some instructions for Unapproved Receivers. 

Not sure if your receiver is approved or not? Approved receivers carry the Freeview logo & Unapproved receivers do not.  See this help topic here for more info.

APPROVED satellite receivers

Most Freeview approved receivers (those that carry the Freeview logo) should automatically update to the new Prime service. 

If you've lost Prime please follow the instructions below from accredited manufacturers.

Please note that the instructions are device-dependent so only use the instructions supplied for your device brand & model.




Software Update available:

Dish TV has released a Software Update for the S7070r & S7090PVR to help those receivers automatically tune into Prime.

The Software Updates are broadcast over-the-air or can be downloaded from the Dish TV website, please see more information here.

For DISH TV satellite receivers, a blind scan will generally restore PRIME in most cases: 

  • For DishTV S7070 - please see here.
  • For DishTV S7070r - please see here
  • For DishTV S7090PVR - please see herePlease also note that a Software Update has been released by the manufacturer to help you restore Prime, please see scheduled release information here.

Please contact Dish TV for further technical support for DISH TV products.  Please call 0800 DISH TV (0800 347 488) or email




To tune into Prime's updated satellite signl, please make your selection based on the model of your DTVS satellite receiver (as instructions are model-specific).

Please contact DTVS for further technical support for DTVS products. Please call 0800 DTVSOL (0800 388 765) or email




Check you have the latest Software / Firmware Update

The Firmware needs to be the latest to pick up the Sky Transponder 12707.

To Check the version of your HSMX200 Firmware:

1. Press MENU

2. Use Arrow key to navigate across to SYSTEM

3. User Arrow key to navigate down to INFORMATION

4. Press ENTER On right side of System Information Box, the second row is the Version v1.xx

If it is v1.23: you just need to do a reset.

If it is not v1.23: you must update the device.

Manually Tuning into Prime

If you do not wish to wait for the update, you can manually download the firmware and update the Hills HSMX200. 

  • The .zip file for the v1.23 firmware can be downloaded here.
  • Update the device as per Software Upgrade in the User Manual (5.8MB), please see page 37.
  • You must then complete a Factory reset: please see Set Default on page 36 and read through the Set Up section, starting page 34.
  • On the AutoScan screen set the Region (City name) using left & Right arrows.
  • Then arrow down to Start Scanning option & press enter to action.

WANT RESOURCES for HILLS HSM075 ? - click here.

If you have further queries, please contact Hills Support on 0800 505 599 or email




For Transonic TWH-S1, please follow these instructions:

The recent changes by Prime require a manual scan to be carried out to re-tune. Please follow these instructions:

To tune PRIME:

1. Press the Menu button on your remote control
2. Select Installation and press the OK button
3. Select Transponder setup and press OK
4. Select "Add" and press OK
5. Enter 12707 under Frequency
6. Enter 22500 under Symbolrate
7. Change Polarization to Horz
8. Change Service Type to FTA
9. Change Network Search to off
10. Press OK if you can see signal strength and quality bars come up. If signal strength and quality are zero, please click here to see the Troubleshooting section below.
11. Select Yes when asked "Do you want to scan"and press OK.
12. The tuning window will appear and your receiver will start to search for channels.
13. Once complete, the channels will be saved and the screen will return to "Transponder Setup"
14. Press the Exit button three times to get out of the menu.
15. Check if you have Prime on channel 10
16. If you do not see Prime on Channel 10 then please press OK to bring up the channel list. Then scroll down the list until you see another Prime tuned in. Use the new Prime. We will work on getting the new Prime back to Channel 10 once the temporary Prime channel has been removed.

Troubleshooting for TWH-S1

If you do not see the signal strength and quality value, then please check that you have entered the correct numbers and the settings are the same as given in the instructions.

If the settings are correct, then you have a reception problem. This can happen if your signal is coming from the dish incorrectly. It is a common and known issue on many ageing Sky installed dishes on which the LNB (equipment that sits on the arm of the dish) converts the signal incorrectly.

If you are using a Sky dish and you do not see signal strength and quality, you can try the following to force a signal:

  • Increment the frequency by 3 until you get a signal. For example for Prime, the frequency is 12707 and adding 3 to it will give a new frequency of 12710 and adding another 3 will give 12713.
  • To get a permanent fix, it is best to replace the malfunctioning LNB as over a period of time, the calculated value will change and you will eventually lose the signal.

If you have further queries, the Support team at The Warehouse may be able to assist, please call 0800 422 274 or email




UPDATED 10AM on 12/11/2013

For VEON SAT101, please follow these instructions to tune into Prime's new satellite service:

  1. Press the Menu button to bring up the main menu
  2. Select Installation and press OK
  3. Select Tuning Wizard and press OK
  4. Enter the PIN code for the unit (the default is 0000)
  5. Select Blind Scan and press OK
  6. Press OK to start the Scan process
  7. Select "NO" for network scan and press OK

The receiver will then scan through and locate the Prime transmission. This process will take approximatly 10-15 minutes to complete. Once the scan process is completed the receiver will return to watching normal TV.

In some cases this process will correctly add C4 and Trackside but will not add prime.

In this case you will need to manually enter the transponder details for Prime. The steps to do this are as follows:

  • Press the Menu button to bring up the main menu
  • Select Installation and press OK
  • Select Tuning Wizard and press OK
  • Enter the PIN code for the unit (the default is 0000)
  • Select Satellite Scan and press OK
  • Press the left arrow to access the transponder list
  • Press the Yellow button to access the Setup menu
  • Select Add Transponder and press OK
  • Enter 12705 for the Frequency
  • Select Symbol rate and enter 22500
  • Check that Polarity is set to Horizontal
  • Check that network scan is set to Off
  • Press OK to start the Scan process

The scan process will take approximately 1 minute to complete.

Once the scan process is completed you will be returned to the Satellite Scan menu.

Press Exit to return to watching normal TV.

Please contact VEON for further technical support for VEON SAT101, please call 0800 568 468 or 07 282 0135.



ZINWELL ZMX 7500 or DSE G7500

UPDATED 6pm 19/07/2014

For the Zinwell ZMX-7500 or DSE G7500:

  • Step-By-Step Photo Guide can be found here.
  • Tuning instructions from the manufacturer can be downloaded here.

Troubleshooting for Zinwell ZMX7500 or DSE G7500

If you've followed the above instructions but they have failed to restore Prime, click here for clarifications & work-arounds from the manufacturer.  Thank you.



Further Technical Support

If you have followed the instructions specific to your device but have been unsuccessful in restoring PRIME, please contact the receiver manufacturer to confirm if there is a software update available for the receiver which you may need to download & install.

Contact details for all approved satellite receiver manufacturers can be found here.

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