I am still providing support for Zinwell products, where I can.

The 0800 number and email support@zinwell.co.nz have been discontinued but I can be contacted at

027 205 7999 or grahamw@xtra.co.nz

The website zinwell.co.nz or tinyurl.com/zinwell-nz is still operational with access to troubleshooting and help info but the contact page is broken and I haven't been able to fix it (as of January 2020)

Original replacement remotes are still available for the ZMT series models.    Sorry I sold out of the replacement ZMX7500 remotes at the end of 2017 but I have programming information available for the Universal Remote URC7120 R02 model (you should be able to find one on ebay for under $25, including freight, but I give no guarantee that the version you get will work with the codes I have - buy and use at your own risk).    the NZ support line for these are very helpful.

Graham Wilson

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Thankyou for that Graham . I have 2 DSE7500 and the remote on one of them lost the the spring thingey for the battery and I found a remote on Ali Express , bought it and downloaded the major buttons that are use all the time and now I have no problems .

The remote is one of those that you sit on the table and have both facing each other at around 30-50mm distance between them and you just push the same buttons on each remote and the new one recieves the same pulses as the old one sends . And it was the best buy I have found as I also was able to put the on/off switch of the TV on to it and now I only need the 1 remote to do all the work , instead of trying to find both remotes .

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