After owned this model since they first came out I'm now have a major problem. We had a power outage a few days ago in resulting in initially loosing all  theTV recordings  and now can't access the TV chanels that I had logged into, but the info, via the storage program in the menu, on the hdd, was that its showing the HDD and % of free space left, the problem is it it was not showing all the recorded programs that where recorded, only the two programs sowing are the ones that were being recorded at the time of the power outage. I tried using "System restore to stored position" but had no luck, but the result was that when I now try to exit the menu to watch the TV it refuses to do so and every time I press the EXIT button the screen briefly goes blank before returning back to the menu icons. I have tried every other choice in the recovery menu, I thought the problem might have been in the HDD but the result is the same with the HDD is disconnected.

       I'm at a bit of a loss with this and would like to sort it out if possible, I would like to get it going as  as there seems to be no other receiver with the same abillities as this one.

 Thanks for any advice on this,  Mortda

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Hi There.

The best you could do is try a Factory Reset on the Box.

Failing that - I would have guess that possibly the Power Supply has suffered during your Outage and could have now become faulty.

The Utlraplus X9200 did run fairly hot - so i wouldnt be surprised the PowerSupply has given up.

Possibly get someone thats Electrronically Savvy to take a look - it may just be a few Capacitors that have Dried out or become Pregnant.


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