Anyone else had this?
Just over a month ago I started getting unwanted multiple recordings on my PVR.
My PVR is a Magic TV set-top box, model MTV3700TD-NZ.
But the problem is NOT limited to that machine.
The same problem occurs on my OTHER PVR, a Panasonic.

Here's the problem:
When I try to record a programme, I go to the "Guide", select a Channel, then a programme.
Next I press the Red button, and then Yellow or Blue depending on whether I want to record the series or not.
Before March this year, it would record from ONLY the DATE, CHANNEL and TIMESLOT I'd selected.

But NOW it looks for the SAME programme on ALL OTHER channels and times, and records them ALL.
For example: Seven Sharp.
From the Guide I selected 7pm on Freeview Channel 1, and it records it FOUR times! (see attached "FOUR 7Sharps screenshots")

I contacted Freeview support but they disowned any responsibility, suggesting instead I contact TVNZ or the manufacturer.
But how can TVNZ be the source of the problem? or the manufacturers either?
Because I'm experiencing the SAME problem on BOTH my PVR set top boxes, AND on BOTH channels ONE and THREE.
(See attached Panasonic screenshots)

And 2 months ago TVNZ said they'd look into the problem, but I've heard nothing back since. (See attached TVNZ screenshots)

SO do we need a WIDER INVESTIGATION into any changes Freeview have made recently?
They've had to accommodate newcomers to the scene lately, like Vodafone TV.
Have they made changes to Programme Naming, or the codes behind programme naming, that affect other aspects of recording?

It's very interesting that the ONLY Series recording I set up LAST YEAR has not been affected like all the others!

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Good Morning, 

Thankyou for your enquiry and the attachments, I am getting a team member to go through these and we will be in touch. 

Kindest Regards


Hi I have got back from DISH TV and their reply is below: 


Thank you for your email. There are generally only three causes for an Recorder to record repeat episodes instead of OR in addition to the original.

01 • Signal Issues - If there are severe Signal Issues through the initial recording, where too much information is lost. The Recorder will then attempt to record the episode again, if a repeat is available.
02 • Recording Clashes - If you book too many recordings at one time, the Recorder will adjust the schedule to record later where possible. Such as 1:00am, instead of 7:00pm.
03 • EPG/Guide Issues - If the episode or series info is not correctly provided in the EPG/Guide, the Recorder is unable to identify that some episodes are repeats and will record almost every episode, if set to Series.

The customer is most likely experiencing the third issue. Seven Sharp is one programme I've seen start recording every available instance, even repeat episodes. It's not limited to only the Magic TV, as the customer describes with their Panasonic, and would indicate more a broadcaster related issue.



Technical Support Desk
Dish TV Technologies Ltd
25 McKee Street
Hamilton 3200

p 0800 347 488

f +64 7 929 4122

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